Thursday, April 3, 2014

Look at my Brain

My masterpiece reflects my capability for creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.  The creative aspect would be that I pulled the idea out of a big idea, or just a selfish need to help people.  Creativity helped narrow down my wants into an idea that I could put into action.  Critical thinking becomes apparent in the execution of the masterpiece and what I can accomplish by the end of the year.  Collaboration seems to be the biggest key in my masterpiece, due mostly to the fact that I'm working together with Serena on this project which can be a little challenging when you have two very different ideas, but it's our ability to collaborate that will make this masterpiece a success.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Love Is Blind

Macbeth seems to have some love goggles on in his views of Lady Macbeth, he seems to unknowingly accept everything she says as final word.  The audience is able to see more of her manipulative side and how she becomes driven by power and greed.

What About My Masterpiece

This week has been surprisingly busy for being so late in the year.  That has given me limited time to work on my masterpiece, but it has still been on my mind.  This week has been all over the place between working the baseball games, hauling my sister back and forth between swim practice, working in the athletic training room, and accepting my admission at San Francisco State and figuring out everything that comes after that.  My multitasking skills are really being put to the test here, but I think I can figure it out.

Macbeth Act 1

Due to a WASC meeting I was unable to be in on the lecture on Act One so I looked around at other students blogs for a little guidance.  Once I go over the Act more in depth and ask for some help in class I'll post my analysis.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Lit Analysis #3

Meet Macbeth

How is Macbeth introduced through in/direct characterization?
-Macbeth is indirectly introduced through a speech about his courageousness in battle.

What elements of foreshadowing do the witches provide?
-The witches foreshadow a contradicting theme that what's good isn't necessarily good and what's bad isn't necessarily bad.

How does Shakespeare's approach to exposition give the reader background information about the setting and characters and a sense of what's to come without spoiling the play?
-Shakespeare provides us with a vague prophecy that does not include instructions for Macbeth, therefore not spoiling the play for us.

How does Shakespeare's characterization of Macbeth reflect a sense of tone (i.e., the author's attitude toward the character/s, audience, and/or subject matter)?
-Shakespeare's characterization of Macbeth gives us a feeling that Macbeth is someone who's viewed very highly which could be taken as a hint to his demise.

What themes appear evident in Macbeth's character and conduct?  To what extent do you think these themes will drive the rest of the play?
-Macbeths' unsure and nervous feelings about the prophecy hint at his seeming lack of ability to pull it off and the guilt that will consume him.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Seeking Mentor

I think we need a mediator more than a mentor, Serena and I seem to be going different ways on our masterpiece so we need to sit down and really talk about what we want to accomplish by the end of the year.